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Swim Bike Repeats

Winter bricks at Olds Aquatic Center

Two hour winter swim bike brick workouts that use an open water format in the pool and intervals on the bike!  Great people, good tunes and a solid workout to keep you motivated over the winter!

Jan 16 and Feb 13, 2022

Join me at the Olds Aquatic Center (60 minutes north of Calgary) for a great winter training session!   Cost for each session is $36.75 including GST ( or $31.50 with GST, if you are a coached Team TriLife Athlete or Airdrie Tri Club member).   

Each session will be a mix of bike and swim intervals ( you will be in and out of the pool and on and off your bike multiple times) .  For the swim we will be using an open water format.  We have the whole pool rented and lane ropes will be out and you will be swimming loops around the perimeter marked by buoys.

Please bring two towels (one for under your bike and one for on your bike), a suit you can swim and ride in, trainer, tire block, goggles, water bottles and fuel.

Plan to arrive at 9:30am and be set up on your bikes ready to ride at 10am.  I will coach you through a 30 minute bike warmup and then we start the intervals and hit the pool at 10:30am.  We finish the session together on the bikes for one last interval set and finish the workout at 12:00pm.  

To register please email coach Sharon and send payment via etransfer or PayPal

       Team TriLife / ATC $31.50               


       Non Team TriLife / ATC $36.75

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